Arlington Garden Pasadena Annual Donor Drive

Celebrating 15 years of Arlington Garden!

Arlington Garden urgently needs your help to keep the garden open as a joyful place of refuge during this challenging time. Right now your impact could be doubled! Thanks to an anonymous donor, all donations from new supporters will be matched up to 50,000 dollars! If you are a returning donor, any amount above your last donation level will also be matched!* Help protect Pasadena’s only public, community-supported, habitat garden.


Our Story

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the McKenney Family Arlington Garden. It is hard to imagine that in 2005, the space, now teeming with plant life, housed storage crates for highway construction. But instead of a highway, Betty and Kicker McKenney and our community built a beautiful, living garden.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has forced us to pause most of our anniversary plans. Yet Arlington Garden has remained open as a place of sanctuary in an uncertain world, and we hope that this can still be a year of growth and celebration.


How You Can Help

We cannot do this without you. Since COVID-19, we have lost 100% of our earned income from permits and reservations and all our volunteer gardening support. Reaching our fundraising goal will allow us to cover the cost of maintaining the garden, keep it free and open to the public, and expand our free digital community programs.

Thank you for your support. Without a doubt, Arlington Garden is only possible through the generosity of so many throughout the last 15 years, and we thank you for helping us weather this storm together.


About Arlington Garden

Arlington Garden is a climate-appropriate, habitat garden offering learning, inspiration, and enjoyment for all. We endeavor to engage, educate and demonstrate how a climate-appropriate garden can be both beautiful and practical to maintain while incorporating the goals of water conservation and environmental sustainability.

*For the purposes of the anonymous matching donation, a “returning donor” is anyone who has donated since 2017. For previous supporters whose last donation was in 2017 or prior, their full donation amount will be matched, up to $50,000.

“I just love Arlington Garden. The choice of plants and the way you have woven in art and made room for the community to enjoy the space — I have to say kudos, it is just such a treasure!”

Lois Brunet, Program Director of Pasadena Audubon Society

I am so very happy to help. The gardens were where my husband and I took our engagement photos two years ago (we just celebrated our 2nd anniversary on the 14th) and we even ended up moving right up the street on Raymond Hill when we married. One of our favorite Saturday morning activities was to walk down to the gardens and take in all its lush offerings – regardless of the season. We have since moved to another area in Pasadena but cherish Arlington Garden for the nature, peace, and serenity it brings to the community and the beauty it brought our first two years of marriage. It is spaces like Arlington that make South Pasadena such a treasure. Thank you for all that you do! 

—Cleo de la Torre

“Arlington Gardens in Pasadena is a tremendous asset to our city. The West Pasadena Residents’ Association values its long relationship with Arlington Gardens, and considers the Gardens a great partner. We’re pleased to donate to the Gardens and promote them to our neighborhoods.

Personally, the Gardens are my favorite place in my neighborhood — I live just a few blocks away and visit frequently. Cooper loves it there too.”

—Dan Beal, President, West Pasadena Residents’ Association, and Cooper











A $10 donation will feed the garden’s worm population for 3 days. In appreciation, we will thank you on social media, our website, and annual report!

A $30 donation will pay for 1 hour of wildflower seed collecting. In appreciation, you will receive a printable Arlington Garden scavenger hunt.

A $50 donation will cover 2 months of utilities at the garden. In appreciation, you will receive a digital Black and White coloring page of our special edition commemorative 15th Anniversary artwork by Margaret Gallagher.

A $75 donation will cover 3 weeks of the costs of maintaining the garden’s furniture and fixtures. As a token of our appreciation, you will receive a special sticker.

A $100 donation will help cover 2 hours of expert maintenance from our expert horticulturist. In appreciation, we will send 1 jar of our famous marmalade.

A $250 donation will help cover the garden’s visitor services staff for one day. In appreciation, you will get a special edition t-shirt created for Arlington Garden’s 15th anniversary.

A $500 donation will support our essential marmalade sales program for 3 months. We will thank you with a special edition commemorative 15th Anniversary 18 x 24 poster by Margaret Gallagher.

A $1,000 donation will cover the costs of grounds and improvement for 8 months. In appreciation, you will receive a signed CD of Mayita Dinos’ The Garden is My Stage and a special edition commemorative 15th Anniversary 18 x 24 poster by Margaret Gallagher.

A $2,500 donation will cover 9 months of expert tree care. In gratitude, a commemorative plaque will be added to one of the garden’s benches in your honor, a signed CD of Mayita Dinos’ The Garden is My Stage and a special edition commemorative 15th Anniversary 18 x 24 poster by Margaret Gallagher.


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