We have revised our booking process. We hope our new system is easier to use, but if you have questions or can’t book a photo session or tour, please feel free to contact usThank you!



• 1 hour minimum booking time.

• Booking times begin on the hour or half-hour.

• If you require more than a 4-hour window, please book an additional session immediately following the end of your first session.

• Calendar and additional options will appear once you choose a session length above.

• If you have any questions about your photo permit booking, please email: info@arlingtongardenpasadena.org.

• Fee covers only a permit for shooting in the garden. No other service, utility or privilege is included or implied.

COVID-19 Restrictions
Limit of total party is 6
Please wear your masks as much as possible at the garden
Please purchase your permit before going to the garden

• Thank you and have a great photo shoot!

Professional Portrait Photography for Arlington Garden

Arlington Garden is a beautiful setting for photos and capturing those special memories. We welcome commercial and non-commercial photography according to the policies and procedures below.

To ensure that the garden remains a beautiful place for all to share and enjoy we ask that ALL photographers follow the Garden Etiquette Guidelines below.

Please do not move furniture or other garden accents and refrain from entering the planting beds. Thank you.

Given the public atmosphere of the Garden, all photo session activities shall be deemed appropriate and free from obscene content.

Non-professional Photography

This type of photography is restricted to the flora and fauna of the Garden, or candid photography for personal use.

Personal Portrait Photography is posing for photos when the result will be for your personal, private use only. Portraits that include couples, engagements, weddings, group and class photos, quinceañeras, graduation and senior pictures, maternity, baby, and family photos and similar occasions need a photo permit, and applies even when the photographer is a friend, family member, or other non-professional. Commercial Still Photography requirements apply. Costume changes and/or models are only allowed with a professional photography permit.

Amateur photographers may not use their representations of the Garden for any public or commercial purpose unless approved by Arlington Garden.

Professional Photography

We define professional photos and videos as a formal session such as weddings, engagements, family portraits, graduation, proms, quinceaneras, senior portraits, or photos taken for portfolios if the photographer is a professional.

Costume changes and/or models are only allowed with a paid professional permit.

Photo equipment that photographers may bring into the Garden is limited to that which will not impede the enjoyment of other Garden visitors and will not pose a hazard of any kind to the Garden or its inhabitants.

Arlington Garden reserves the right to prohibit any person or activity that is not in keeping with the spirit of our guidelines.

Fees for Professional Photography

The $100/hour fee charged to professional photographers goes towards maintaining the garden.

A reservation at least 24 hours in advance must be made to ensure that your photography session is on our calendar. Please see the instructions and buttons above to view free dates and times on the calendar and to book your session.

We understand the Golden Hour attracts many photographers, but for safety and health reasons, we can only accommodate one permit per hour. Please obtain your permits ahead of time. 

Every courtesy will be extended to those wishing to use the Garden for photo sessions as long as the photography does not impede public use. Any and all pertinent state laws, county ordinances or department policies shall be fully observed.


Welcome to Arlington Garden!
We ask that while you are enjoying your time in the garden to please keep in mind the following guidelines :

  • Refrain from climbing on trees, furniture and other features of the garden.
  • Stay on the clearly marked paths. Do not step into planting beds.
  • Respect the privacy and enjoyment of other users. Low voices are appreciated by other people, birds and wildlife in the garden, particularly near the labyrinth.
  • Keep water elements clean and free of debris for wildlife and birds.
  • Please help keep the garden beautiful. Use trash receptacles or take out what you bring to the Garden. All trash left on the site has to be cleaned up by the volunteers.
  • Children should be accompanied at all times. Arlington Garden is nestled in a vibrant neighborhood with lots of traffic on the east and south sides of the garden. For their safety please make sure your children are within view.
  • We are free and open to the public seven days a week from dawn to dusk. After dark we are closed and patrolled by San Marino Security.
  • We are a public garden, SMOKING is illegal.
  • We welcome dogs but they must be leashed and kept out of planting beds. Please pick up after your dog.
  • Please refrain from riding bikes through the garden. Walk your bike or park it.
  • We are supported through community donations and usage fees. Professional Photography is by permit only. (See above to book time.)
  • All of the flowers and fruit are here for everyone to enjoy. The Navel Oranges from our Orange Grove are used to make our sweet orange marmalade which is sold to support the Garden. Please do not to take or pick any fruit or plant material.
  • Do not move the furniture
  • No glitter allowed in the garden
  • We hope you enjoy your visit!

Thank you,
Arlington Garden in Pasadena


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